cloudmarker.alerts package

A package for alert plugins packaged with this project.

This package contains alert plugins that are packaged as part of this project. The alert plugins implement a function named write() that accepts input records and typically sends them to an alerting destination. The alert plugins also implement a function named done that perform cleanup work when called.

Note that the alert plugins implement the exact same interface as the store plugins in the cloudmarker.stores package. So a store plugin can usually serve equally well as an alert plugin, and vice versa. In fact, some of the store plugins such as cloudmarker.stores.esstore.EsStore and cloudmarker.stores.mongodbstore.MongoDBStore are indeed used as alert plugins too because security events can be alerted by storing them in an Elasticsearch index or MongoDB collection.

If a plugin can serve as both a store plugin and an alert plugin, we keep them in the cloudmarker.stores package. If a plugin makes sense only as an alert plugin, we keep them in this cloudmarker.alerts package.


cloudmarker.alerts.emailalert module

cloudmarker.alerts.slackalert module